We are a family of beekeepers from Russia in the fourth generation. Our family started breeding honey bees at the beginning of the 20th century when instead of the usual beehives, beekeepers used log hives. Until now, beekeeping is our main and constant occupation.

Since the 70s, we have been conducting constant breeding work. Our bees are notable for their peacefulness, winter hardiness, and high diligence. In the spring-summer period, we can share the fruits of our breeding work with other beekeepers.

Our apiary is located in an ecologically pure zone of ​​the European part of Russia at a distance of more than 80 km from the nearest industrial center. When treating bees, we never use antibiotics, which allows us not only to preserve the bee's immunity but also to obtain real organic honey.


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Organic quality

Our honey does not contain absolutely any additives, we have not subjected it to heat treatment, so you can be sure that all health-giving microelements are preserved in it.


Worldwide shipping

We carry out door-to-door delivery worldwide, which is already included in the price. We will make sure your order is well packed and as soon as it is shipped you will get the tracking information.


Happy customers

We have many online and offline loyal customers who have trusted us for many years. You can join the happy customers receiving fresh honey straight from the apiary.


Beekeeping is not easy. You need a lot of knowledge, experience, effort and, of course, a responsible attitude to your favorite business. For us, selling honey is not just a way to make money, but a lifelong business based on the desire to preserve and spread the best beekeeping traditions. Here you can buy a product made by bees in an ecologically clean zone of the European part of Russia. The apiary, where our honey is born, is passed down from generation to generation, and each of them considers the high quality of their products a matter of honor.

You can rest assured that the bees who created our honey fed only on flower nectar and pollen: feeding hardworking insects with sugar or syrup is not consistent with our principles. You will not find any water or any other additives in our products. We do not melt honey that has crystallized as a result of natural processes - melting “kills” vitamins. And we keep the product in its original condition for you. And now you have a great opportunity to order honey online from those honey plants that may not grow in your region.