Shipping Policy

Welcome to the page describing the terms and conditions of delivery. This Delivery Policy has been developed by the administrator of this website.


Delivery regions

We provide international shipping for the products you purchased. Your order can be sent to any country where there is a postal service with the Russian Federation.


Delivery operators

We send your orders through the postal service "Russian Post" ( This is the best choice for a delivery company, as we take into account several important factors. These are the cost of sending, the speed of delivery, as well as the number of possible countries for sending.

Upon arrival in the country of destination, the package is handed over to the designated operator for further delivery to the recipient. The designated operators are different in each country, so we cannot list all of them. Here are just a few operators for several countries:

United States: USPS

United Kingdom: Royal Mail

Germany: DHL Paket

France: La Poste

Italy: Poste Italiane

Norway: Posten Norge

Australia: Australia Post


Delivery costs

We try to make the buying process as comfortable as possible, therefore we have already included the shipping and packaging costs in the product price. You don't need to pay extra for anything.


Delivery time

We deliver your orders by air, so as a rule, it takes 10-15 days from the moment you place your order to receive it. This is an average figure and for each country (region) the waiting time will be different. For example, a parcel from Russia will reach Germany faster than New Zealand. This is due not only to the distance but also to the established postal routes. In general, you can focus on the above-average value.


Customs duties

When clearing customs in the destination country, additional customs duties may apply to your package. Please note that if you receive a request to pay such fees, they are paid by you, not by us. And these customs fees will not be refunded to you.

You can also opt-out of paying these fees. In this case, the package will be returned to the sender, and you can receive a full or partial refund.


Limitations related to Covid-19

The global coronavirus pandemic is making significant changes to the way our store operates. First of all, this concerns the time it takes to deliver the parcel, as well as the list of countries that accept international mail. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, many countries have stopped processing international mail, so delivery to those countries is not possible. You can find out if delivery to your country is possible by contacting your postal operator.

Serious slowdowns in delivery are connected with a significant drop in air travel. Postal services should choose slower delivery routes such as by land or even by sea. Please note that the delivery time during the pandemic period may be increased.


By placing an order in our store, you fully agree to all the clauses of this Policy.